Funshape Studios is a dynamic design agency and screen-printing shop in the wonderful world of San Francisco.   We specialize in graphic design and  eco-friendly, soft to the touch, beautifully crafted water-based screen-printing.

Water-based screenprinting is said to be the latest and greatest eco-friendly way to print apparel but the technique has actually been around a while.  Currently most printers use an petrol-based ink called plastisol.  Our waterbased process produces a much finer product.  It feels better, the image won’t crack over time and yes, it is better for our environment!  Then why doesn’t everyone do water-based screenprinting?

Well, the answer is, discharge and water-based screenprinting is way more difficult.  Water-based screenprinting is more demanding because it evaporates and when ink evaporates it dries, clogging the screen as opposed to plastisol printing which is a heat-cured process and  needs much less attention.

If you are looking for high-quality design and beautifully screenprinted apparel, you’ve come to the right place!

Thanks and HAVE FUN!

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